Golden Cats cattery

Canadian Sphynx

Welcome to the Sphynx Cattery Golden-Cats.
The key to our success can be considered our producers, representatives of Canadian Sphynx, virtues which have repeatedly confirmed and evaluated by experts of different systems.
You can see photos of kittens and adult cats of our cattery, get recommendations for Sphinx Services, see the photos from the exhibitions, visit the photo gallery of adult cats and kittens for sale (can be anyone of them will become a member of your family) on the website of our kennel.
We tried to properly educate our young pupils, carefully monitor their health. Adult animals undergo compulsory annual vaccination, are checked every six months in licensed clinics to viral infections.
Sphinx - it is not just cats. In addition to the original appearance of the Sphinx have very high intelligence, he was in constant communication, easy to contact both with adults and children, does not conflict with other animals. In our nursery you will be able to pick up a pet for breeding or pet.
Our cats and kittens live with us as members of our family. Kittens go to new owners at the age of not earlier than three months. All kittens of our cattery fully vaccinated, vet passport, pedigree and a contract.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Svetlana Averenkova
WhatsApp: + 7-919-115-78-76 (Svetlana)
Viber: + 7-919-115-78-76

all the producers of the cattery          are tested for HSM

         Svetlana Averenkova



    WhatsApp: +7-919-115-7876

        Viber: +7-919-115-7876

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Все размещенные на сайте фотографии являются собственностью питомника канадских сфинксов «Golden-cats». Любое воспроизведение, копирование или коммерческое использование этих фотографий должно письменно согласовываться с питомником «Golden-cats» канадских сфинксов.

Canadian Sphynx Golden Cats cattery